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James Dibben —  August 16, 2012
2012 Donovan Bailey Invitational

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I will be starting my third semester of college next week.

As I was finishing up my summer semester at the end of July I realized something about myself; maybe you can identify with it.

I do not start strong, and I never have started anything strong.

Maybe it is because I have a tendency to just jump into things without a lot of preparation. Maybe it is because it just takes me a while to figure new things out.

Either way, it is not so much how we start things that matter. Yes we want to be men who seek wisdom, from mentors, our pastors, or God’s word. We should have the goal of starting everything as prepared as possible.

We should also be willing to understand that every eventuality cannot be anticipated. The key to success is not always over preparation. Sometimes the key to success is tenacity and persistence.

The theme verse for ManDurance reveals a great truth.

Hebrews 12:1b

and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us

Races built on endurance are not about speed. They are not about how someone gets off to a great start.

Have you noticed in the Olympics how the 1,500 meter races do not use the starting blocks? Have you noticed how all the runners are in a pack pacing themselves up until the last 100 meters?

This verse in Hebrews reminds us we are in a race built on endurance. This verse is not about starting strong.

It does not matter how any of us started the race we are in. It is how we finish this race that matters to God.

It is never too late to finish strong

James Dibben

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James is absolutely passionate about men's ministry. It is his belief than every man has been ordained by God to achieve great things for the kingdom of heaven.

2 responses to Finish Strong

  1. And we don’t get extra points for style, which is good. . . You’ve seen me run! Let’s endure until the end!