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James Dibben —  April 15, 2014

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When we think of Jesus being tempted, the only event that comes to mind is his forty days in the desert.

I’m only guessing here, but it seems to me that the biggest temptation Christ must have faced would have been the night before he was crucified. In the face of what God was asking him to do, Jesus was under so much strain that the capillaries in his skin burst resulting in bloody sweat.

Jesus had two choices that night on the Mount of Olives. He could either abandon what God was asking him to do, or he could embrace it. His decision didn’t come quickly. He spent most of the night in prayer. At one point he even asked God if there was some other path that could be taken to avoid the gruesome death he was going to experience.

We have salvation today because in the face of terror Jesus did the unthinkable. Jesus didn’t do what we would have done. Jesus didn’t call down a legion of angels to rescue him. Jesus didn’t turn away from the calling God had on his life.

In the moment of Jesus’ greatest challenge. In the moment of Jesus’ greatest temptation, He leaned into God. Men, this is what Jesus is calling us to do in the face of our greatest challenges.

In our darkest hours, we are to lean into God.

When all seems lost, we are to lean into God.

When things are not turning out the way we want them to, we are to lean into God.

When we pray and pray and pray, and God doesn’t seem to even be listening, we are to lean into God.

We don’t lean in because we know the outcome. We don’t lean in because it’s easy. We don’t lean in because our friends tell us to. We don’t lean in because it will make us feel spiritual. We lean in because Jesus refused to let us die in our sins. We lean in because that’s exactly what Jesus did when he didn’t have to.

James Dibben

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James is absolutely passionate about men's ministry. It is his belief than every man has been ordained by God to achieve great things for the kingdom of heaven.

4 responses to Lean In

  1. Good stuff. It is hard to picture Jesus being tempted, but it is something I think we have to be able to wrap our heads around to some degree to understand that he faced life here on Earth as a human, tempted in like ways but without sin. It is not only his divinity, but his humanity that we need to look to when we are tempted and realize we have an Advocate up their interceding for us who has been right where we are, and who made the choice that we want to make when we are wanting to do what is right.