New Series: On Location

James Dibben —  April 27, 2013


Two thousand years ago on the side of a mountain Jesus looked out over a crowd and proclaimed: “You are the salt of the earth.”

He said those words to a group of people who were under the rule and authority of the Roman empire. They must have thought He was crazy. They must have thought: “We aren’t the salt of anything. We just live each day hoping to be left alone. We have no influence. We have no authority. There is no way this is what God wants for us.”

What Jesus was trying to tell them is that their very presence makes a difference. Jesus was explaining that His followers are a preservative for biblical values on the earth. The fact alone that we are all “On Location” where God has planted us gives Him hope for the earth.

In this new series we are going to explore exactly what Jesus meant when he told that crowd they were salt and light to the whole earth.

Join us every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM in WC104 right around the corner from the coffee station.

James Dibben

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James is absolutely passionate about men's ministry. It is his belief than every man has been ordained by God to achieve great things for the kingdom of heaven.