Training: 3 keys to living an unproductive life

Barry Young —  January 16, 2013


Titus 3:14

Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good and not to live unproductive lives

If you want to mess your life up here is how to do it:

1) Make decisions that benefit you now instead of in the future
2) Become close friends with negative people
3) Doubt God’s plans to bless your life

Friend God wants us to live productive lives. Avoid the above at all costs!

Be blessed

Barry Young


Barry Young is the director of small groups, and associate pastor at New Life Assembly of God in Oak Grove MO.

4 responses to Training: 3 keys to living an unproductive life

  1. Boy isn’t that the truth? And the sad thing is that these three things are as easy to do as getting out of bed in the morning. Thank God for His grace and mercy and for His desire for more for our lives than that kind of self-destruction.

  2. Lol, instructions on how to mess up my life. I’m not sure most people need instructions on that, haha :-)

    Point well-made!