Training: Falling Down

Barry Young —  July 25, 2012


Psalm 145:14

The LORD sustains all who fall
And raises up all who are bowed down.

We all fall down in life.

Sometimes we fall down with how we spend our money, with how we treat our family, in fact we can fall down in life in a variety of ways.

The key is when we fall down we need to get back up. God promises to uphold those who fall. So cut yourself some slack, you can’t be perfect, and you never will be while you are on this earth. God has great plans for your life.

Be blessed

Barry Young


Barry Young is the director of small groups, and associate pastor at New Life Assembly of God in Oak Grove MO.

3 responses to Training: Falling Down

  1. Earlier this year I took up trail running as part of my efforts to get my 43 year old body into better physical shape. It finally took hold that part of being a good steward of what God has blessed me with is to do my part to take better care of my body. In the process of doing so I’ve come to love running and have, not surprisingly, seen it as a metaphor for so many spiritual lessons.

    One thing I’ve noticed on the trail runs that I’ve done is that there is always one or two people who finished the race covered in dirt, and sometimes blood, from tumbles they’ve taken on the roots and rocks that litter these hilly trails. They cross the finish line with a look of triumph on their faces, having beaten the circumstances that came their way. I have yet to fall on the trail and while I hope I never do, I hope even more that I have the courage and tenacity to get back up and keep going forward. And more than that I desperately want that to be the kind of person who, when taking a tumble in life, allows the Lord to pick me back up, dust me off, and get me moving down the path again.

    I know that most of the times that I have fallen in life have been a result of my own error–getting my eyes off God, straying off His path, getting snared in the sin that so easily entangles me, as Hebrews talks about. Occasionally the stumbling is a result of the enemy, but most of the time it is me. And that can get very discouraging and cause pity parties or a loss of the will to carry on. But I plan to continue to take a lesson from God’s Word and from the runners I see who cross the finish line looking as if they’ve been to battle: it is running the race with endurance that counts, my goal shouldn’t be to cross the finish line looking pretty and perfect.

    • I love when you share your running experiences and thoughts.

      I bet if you did fall down during a run someone would help you get back up.

      You have served that purpose more times in my life than I can count.

      • There does seem to be a good core group of these folks who are more than willing to set aside their own goals to help those who fall, get hurt, etc. Although there are certainly some ultra-competitive ‘every man for himself’ runners at these events, most people are out there just for the challenge of starting and finishing and so they are much more caring about their fellow runners.